Peopletree Mallorca

Peopletree is a unique event space set in the foothills of the magical Tramuntana mountains in Alaro on the island of Mallorca in Spain.  Anna & Andy´s mission is to bring like-minded people together to raise the vibration and invite inspirational people to share their knowledge and teachings. It is a place for people to grow together and gain more awareness about themselves and wake up to other perspectives and ways of thinking.

Andy & Anna encourage anyone to come forward who have got something inspiring to share and enjoy collaborating with those who may not have the confidence to set up their own full/half day workshops or longer retreats. Anna will help them theme and position the event and with her historic career in marketing she will design bespoke flyers and a marketing plan to help promote the event.

The space contains a studio with stunning mountain views with all yogi comforts such as mats, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, blocks, straps, Bose speaker, candles and incense. There is also accessibility to the pool and gardens for events. Outdoor events are wonderful on the yoga decking with the sunrises and the moonrises.

There is also a music production facility. Andy is a keen musician and is always looking for developing artists to work together. He is also happy to accompany events with his guitars and didgeridoos and together with Anna´s beautiful gong, they are happy to perform sound meditations. Anna is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher and enjoys leading groups for walks in to the easily accessible twin mountains for meditations.


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