Music Production

In recent years, there has been a huge improvement of user friendly software and interfaces for music production, making it easy to write and produce quality tracks in your own home.

Professional standard tools such as Protools, Logix Pro X and Ableton are leading the way in music production. Andy’s studio, although not a professional recording studio, allows visitors to write and create their own tracks. Be it a backing track to a musical performance, a demo CD/Album or recorded voice for podcasts.

Andy has been writing and recording music for many varied projects for over 20 years and is on hand to help in the production process.

Andy will also play live on collaborations with the guitar, didgeridoo, piano and flute.

Andy’s album is now available.
The tunes were written, composed and performed for
Mirjam Wagner’s Yoga Portal.
It also features Kevin James playing the bansuri on ‘Sambhu’.


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Recent projects include: